PINEUT Heilig Neutje


What's better than a liqueur? Well, we think that must be the DIY-liqueur from Pineut!
This bottle contains all the ingredients to make your own awesome liqueur, the only things that's missing is some alcohol. Add it, shake it, and - wait for it - your liqueur is done!
This product makes a great gift, but there is no harm in pampering yourself with a bottle from Pineut as well ofcourse.

'Heilig neutje' ('Holy neutje') is a sweet spicy liqueur with holy and wholesome herbs: cinnamon, star anise, chamomile, fennel and anise. All these verbs have allocated a sacred or beneficial effect through the centuries: cinnamon for success and psychic power. Fennel protects, heals and cleanses, and chamonile guarantees wealth and a good night's rest.
So okay, great ingredients and all. But does it taste as good as it sounds as well? Rumour has it you will declare this holy as well after you drank it...

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