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One Taste, and art project by Job Koelewijn is something really special we've worked on. Ice cream as a material to design is, was something completely new to us, though we went in with full force!

The basic concept behind this art piece are 5 innovative thinkers from around the world who have made a huge impact on the world by their art, words, thinking and actions. Artist Job Koelewijn wanted to present these people in a new way and wanted to enable people to physically consume their heritage through the form of ice cream.

In total 1500 pieces of ice cream were made for the one-off presentation during TEDxAMSTERDAM. During 4 performances people were invited on stage to respectively taste Van Gogh, Jezus, Plato, Gagarin and Budha. After the stage tasting ice cream "vendors" went through the audience to give a taste to a broader audience.

Design, project management, 3D Scanning, 3D printing, mould making

To obtain the shape of the sculptures that had to be used as a base we've 3D scanned all heads with a high quality 3D scanner before going into 3D modelling software to refine, reshape and resize all models.

After test printing on our own FDM 3D printer, we've went into final 3D prints which will serve as mother moulds for the silicone casting moulds for the final ice cream to be produced.

With these Nylon high resolution heads, which were all scaled to 100ml each, the work on the silicone moulds could start. A process that was carried out by a specialized modelmaker team of FLEX/theWORKSHOP who meticulously put layer after layer of silicone over these heads untill the desired thickness of the skin was reached.

Not only the shape, packaging and production was designed by us but even the creation of the flavour was in our hands. After numerous mixes we came up with a extremely minty fresh bright green result which was made after the conceptual idea by the artist to open the mind. The presentation at TEDxAMSTERDAM was a true highlight because of the interaction with the audience, but also an edible art piece was a true world's first!

The live broadcast of the performance on the TEDx conference was watched by around 90.000 people from all over the world, something that made us very proud!
View the recording of the performance below.

Johan Idema (Grote Kunstshow)
Rabobank Kunstzaken

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