E:MIST Body & Room Mist fridfull


Not too floral, not too earthy - not too anything, in fact: just peaceful. Kick back with this harmonious blend that starts with peaceful patchouli underlying a heart of subtle jasmine. The refreshing top opens up into bright bergamot. Fridfull can be sprayed in any room (or on anyone), but is also a perfect blend for using together with neutral lotions and massage oils to add something extra without overpowering.

What's in the bottle?
100 ml body- and room mist with essential oils. Four ingredients that you can actually pronounce

The scent of jasmine is said to dissolve emotional tensions, and in that way promote intimacy. The floral absolute of jasmine contains antioxidants, and at least 100 additional chemical compounds, making the scent very rich and complex.

The scent of patchouli is often connected with hippies, and maybe it was chosen as a signature scent of the wild and free for a reason. It's been found that patchouli oil contains almost 30 antibacterial agents! In addition to that, the warm smell is also rumored to be an aphrodisiac.

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