In our in-house studio we use a variety of design tools to create. These tools enable us to make models, prototypes and products out of all the ideas we work on.

From low-tech tools like hand tools, cutters and rulers to high-tech tools like 3D printers and plotters. For every project we use the fitting tool for our needs, to make the absolute best for you!


One of the tools we use everyday is our own custom built 3D printer. We've customized a base 3D printer by Ultimaker exactly to our needs from a functional and esthetical view. With this printer we are able to do design, prototyping and production of our products without leaving the shop. Talking about local production!

Here are some 3D printed goodies we've made, more designs are made everyday live in our shop. So if you want a 3D printed product, a customized size or colour or maybe even a design of your own? Come by or send us a message to get more information on options and pricing.


Next to our 3D printer we've got a new weapon in our studio able to capture the world around us in 3D! Our brandnew 3D scanner is a handheld product and able to scan a person or object in a matter of minutes, after that we finetune the file with our 3D skills untill it's perfect to be printed. Here's a video of the process as part of a TV show we were featured on lately.

With our 3D scanner we can capture objects from 20cm up to 3m. We've been scanning a lot of people lately, it's such a great process to get scanned and see a mini version of you printed and hold it in your hands. Here's a sample of one of our 3D scanned mini's for you to rotate around!!

If you want to know more about how we work and what to expect when being scanned, check out our FAQ!


Next to all the new and hight-tech machines mentioned up here, on of our recent additions to the shop is a wicked 2D vinyl plotter. With this tool we can make self adhesive stickers for walls, windows and even cars. We are working on loads of new designs to put up in your home or studio. See one of our designs here in the shop. More products by us coming soon, but also don't hesistate to contact us to make you a custom design.